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Online Business Directories

We are proud to manage and maintain Online Business Directories and run Business Breakfast Forums for three District Councils.

Our partnership began with Breckland District Council in 2007 with the Breckland Business Directory, with Broadland Business Directory signing up in 2009 and South Norfolk Business Directory in 2011. The Breckland directory has over 4,500 businesses listed, with Broadland and South Norfolk not far behind. Every business in the area, large or small, is offered a free listing and we now manage the listings of over 11,000 businesses across Norfolk.

By regularly cleansing the databases, our directories are as up-to-date as possible and provide a valuable reference tool for prospective consumers and B2B interaction. Increasingly, people are forsaking traditional directories such as the Yellow Pages, to search online, for goods and services, Google alone deals with over 400 million queries a day – it is here our Directories come in, by listing all the local businesses in an area.

Joining the Online Business Directory therefore represents a fantastic marketing opportunity for business across Norfolk. Annual membership entitles the business to the following benefits.

•   Access to over 11,000 local businesses via email.
•    Free circulation of your news, job vacancies and special offers targeting their business.
•    A listing in the  paper directory which goes out to all the members.
•    4 network meetings with 60+ likeminded business people.
•    Press association as a member of the forum.
•   A mention in the newsletter - 12 Newsletters per year, sent to over 11,000 businesses across Norfolk
•    Other marketing opportunities as they present themselves
•    The chance to have your say directly on Local Authority initiatives.

Alongside the Directories we run quarterly Business Forums, which provide an invaluable networking opportunity for local businesses, to get to know what is on offer locally whilst promoting their own goods and services. The meetings have seen businesses build a real rapport with each other and increased the amount of business which is passed around locally, with one deal alone being worth in excess of £100,000.

The Business Forums also provide their members with the chance to hear the latest business developments across their local area, with featured talks from members of the Council’s leaders, economic development teams other local businesses and worthy causes.

Our Directories are also available to rent - contact Valerie on 01603 702374 or email for more details.

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Online Business Directories

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