Fresh Pod

Fresh Pod is a neat, environmentally friendly and completely organic method of preventing food waste through Ethylene Control. Placing Fresh Pod sachets amongst freshly grown crop extends the life of the fruit and vegetables by up to four times using a completely safe and natural process. The pod works by absorbing ethylene gas which causes fresh produce to age and ripen, giving you fresh fruit and vegetables for much longer.Sourced from 100% natural materials, the Fresh Pod sachets also have the added benefit of killing bacteria, viruses, fungi and moulds, and after 6 months of effectiveness can be sprinkled onto plants and vegetable plots as a great natural fertilizer.

Fresh Pods are particularly effective at extending the life of organic produce, and in doing so aid the ongoing debate over whether pesticides are necessary in extending the life of fresh fruit and vegetables and are available in individual sachets or in larger units for commercial use.

Fresh Pod was recently awarded the Chairman’s Award by the Norfolk Waste Partnership and has also been working with the Scottish Government’s ‘Go Greener’ campaign in an effort to make a noticeable difference to the amount of food waste produced. Fresh Pod has also been tested by WHICH Magazine. Our credentials were also rigorously tested by Trading Standards, passing all their tests with flying colours.

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Fresh Pod

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