Fresh Pod to work with St Edmundsbury Borough Council on Sainsburys' "Waste less, Save More Project

Fresh Pod is a Norfolk based company using technology which works with farmers, growers, importers, wholesalers and others in commercial environments to extend the shelf life of fruit, vegetables and flowers. The technology used is both safe and natural and has been used around the globe for many years.  
Following a successful joint bid by St Edmundsbury Borough Council and Fresh Pod, a six-month plan is now in place to educate the community in and around the Bury St Edmunds area on reducing fruit and vegetable waste. As part of the project 7,000 households will receive a Fresh Pod to trial in their fridge at home. During this time, the households participating will be monitored to determine how much food waste reduction has been achieved.  
Research by government agency WRAP shows that the average family household throws away £700 of food waste every year. With waste reduction across the food chain becoming increasingly important, Sainsbury's has allocated £1 million to support local communities in exploring ways of working with residents to reduce the colossal amount of food which ends up in landfill. This follows a Sainsbury's consumer waste reduction pilot with the town of Swadlincote in 2016.  
Paul Crewe, Sainsbury's project lead for "Waste less, Save more" said "We've learnt a huge amount as a result of a 12-month pilot we did with Swadlincote. We now have a far deeper understanding of how to help households waste less food and save money, as well as the scale of the challenge." 
"In addition to continuing to reduce food waste in our own operations, we set out our 5-year journey to discover ways to help our customers reduce waste at home, where we saw significant reductions in the amount of food being binned and more money being saved. We are looking forward to the next stage of our journey, working with communities across the UK and encouraging further momentum through our 10-point plan."  
St Edmundsbury Borough Council was chosen to be a Sainsbury's 'Discovery Community' as part of the supermarket's "Waste less, save more" campaign partnering Fresh Pod to win a share of the pot.  

Cllr Peter Stevens, Cabinet member for Operations said, 'On average a family throws away £700 of fruit and vegetables a year, which the council then has to pay to collect and dispose of. Fresh Pod lengthens the lifetime of food, giving householders more time to store it until needed. We are delighted to be working with Sainsbury's as part of the food chain, and equally to be using a locally developed and trusted solution - Fresh Pod."  
Valerie Watson-Brown, Director, Fresh Pod "It is really encouraging that Sainsbury's have got behind the issue of consumer food waste. It is shocking just how much fresh produce is thrown away. Getting Fresh Pod into the household fridge is a major hurdle for us and makes so much sense".  

"The technology is already being used extensively across the UK and Europe in the commercial world and by getting to the end user we can now protect fresh produce from the point of harvest right through to when it ends up on a plate. Extending the shelf life by four times will make a huge contribution to reducing our carbon footprint and alongside that, cost savings will benefit everyone".  
Fresh Pod commercial applications in storage and transport is already widely used in the fresh produce industry. Mansfields in Kent is just one of many soft and top fruit growers who uses the flexible technology to preserve freshness from point of picking.  
Paul Hollman, Mansfields "We have been working with Fresh Pod for over 4 years now and are happy to work with a company and team that is as dedicated to keeping our fruit fresh as we are. Our goal is for our fruit to arrive to our customers as fresh as possible and Fresh Pod are helping us to achieve that goal." 
For more information on Fresh Pod visit www.freshpod.co.uk, and for information about the Sainsbury's "Waste less, Save more" campaign in the Bury St Edmunds area visit www.westsuffolk.gov.uk

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Local Flavours 2017 – Celebrating 5 successful years supporting local food and drink producers

Wednesday 27th September - Norfolk Showground Arena.

Launched in 2012 in a farmyard just off the A47, Local Flavours was set up to serve the growing business sector of food and drink producers in the eastern region. To date local producers have acquired new customers and contracts worth tens of thousands of pounds, from meeting thousands of food buyers attending from catering, hospitality, food retail and tourism backgrounds.

The event moved to the Norfolk Showground arena, as it quickly became apparent there was real support and sponsorship from the industry and many local councils. The event has grown to accommodate over 100 producers, business support and other services.   

The show has always been about making contributing to the local economy. In 2016, “Meet the Buyer” slots in a more formal setting was introduced. This proved incredibly popular and encouraged the likes of Tesco, Center Parcs, Morrisons, Makro and many other national brands to join local buyers, giving producers the opportunity to pitch in a more private setting.        

New for 2017 will be a late afternoon business reception, inviting business people outside of food and drink to come along and show their support for the industry. 

There are limited trade stand space still available and registration for buyers to attend is now open. For information visit www.localflavours.co.uk or telephone 01603 702374.

Follow our journey in 2017 on Facebook and Twitter @LocalFlavours17.

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