Warmth – does not need to cost the Earth this winter

Winter usually means two things– cold weather and high fuel costs.

Age UK estimate that 200 people will die every day this winter as a result of the cold, 90% of these being the elderly. As the temperatures drop, keeping warm can become a problem- particularly with rising fuel prices. Many prefer to grin and bear the cold conditions in order to limit cost of heating the home, sometimes with fatal consequences.

The UK government currently estimates that over 4m UK households suffer from ‘Fuel Poverty’ during the winter months. The government is considering further cuts to the Winter Fuel Payment, which is a lifeline to many and which led to Dot Gibson, general secretary of the National Pensioners' Convention, calling winter deaths amongst older people a “national scandal”. There are even suggestions that people are being faced with the dilemma to heat or eat.

Survival blankets, using NASA technology, have been around for many years and have saved many lives. A company called Enviro-Pod has taken the technology and created a blanket which can be used in the home or when travelling and is guaranteed to keep a person warm in the coldest conditions, Cosy Pod is potentially a life saver.   

Cosy Pod is a blanket made from revolutionary thermal reflective material, originally developed by NASA; Flectalon. Independently proven in studies by the University of Bristol, Flectalon is an extremely efficient insulation material, which combines trapped-air thermal insulation with multiple mirror finish surfaces. It effectively reflects infra-red back onto the person wrapped within the blanket, ensuring that the core temperature is maintained and that the Cosy Pod user feels warm and comfortable, without having to use as much fuel to heat their homes.

The Cosy Pod is particularly effective as it does not require a high external temperature, but reflects a massive 95% of the body heat of the person wrapped inside the blanket back onto them. A testament to the effectiveness of the Cosy Pod material is that it has been used and endorsed in extreme survival conditions, with blankets having been used in sub-zero temperatures. A North Sea diving company use Flectalon due to its superior insulation in freezing conditions. The Emergency services also use the blankets for mountain rescue work.

Ideal for the elderly who are particularly vulnerable to cold weather, the blankets are also perfect for use in the car while travelling, for wheelchairs and pushchairs, at picnics or outdoor concerts or for those in recovery.

Cosy Pods are highly durable, meaning that the one-off payment has the potential to provide insulation and warmth for many winters to come. In comparison to the cost of keeping the heating on for even just an hour more a day, the Cosy Pod is a far more viable cost-effective solution, and a sound investment. Currently available in a neutral beige/brown colour, the blankets are finished in a suede-type material, making them ideal bed or chair throws when not being used.

Cosy Pod is lightweight and easy to store, but very hard wearing, machine washable and is of high quality UK manufacturing.

To find out more about Cosy Pod, please phone 01603 702374 or visit our website www.enviro-pod.co.uk

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